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The Fairway Grill & Pub Located in the Main Building

Our Most Complete Menu Offering and Full Bar

  • Mummy Dog  Wrapped Jumbo Beef Frank

  • Brat Wings 1/4lb Bratwurst or Spicy Buffalo

  • Zombie Burger 1/3lb Fresh Angus Beef Burger

  • Road Kill Stack Pulled Pork Stacks

  • Monster Nachos It's All in the Name...

  • Pizza "Slice" Giant Slice of Cheese or Pepperoni

  • Franken Pizza Family Size & Feeds Fiv

  • Killer Quesadilla It's All in the Name...

  • Couldron du Jour Soup of the Day

  • Pop Corn

Specialties From the Grill...

Specialties From the Bar...

Fluffed Marshmallow Mocha

Marshmallow & Whipped Cream infused Vodkas 

Bebida de la Murte... or Drink of the Dead

Latte With 1921 Creama de Mexico  Tequila 

Featuring a FULL BAR with Wine, Beer, & Spirits


The Green Dragon Inn... Located in Pirates Bay

Offering a Menu Straight from the Grill with

a Selection of Hot and Cold Beverages

  • Jumbo Beef Frank

  • Bratwurst or Spicy Buffalo

  • 1/3lb Fresh Angus Beef Burger

  • Pulled Pork Stack

  • Smore's Kit

The Gazebo... Located in  the Haunted Miniature Golf Course

Offers a Selection of Hot and Cold Beverages only




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